Nvidia has liberated a part of their GPU drivers.

It appears that on 11. 05. 2022, to everyone's suprise, nvidia has decided to release a significant portion of the nvidia GPU driver source code for linux under a GPL/MIT license. The source code can be accessed here

Does this mean that I now suddenly like nvidia?

Well maybe, idk. But they have yet to release the source code of the GPU firmware. Though, this is a tremendous step forward for GNU+Linux and free software. Nvidia has finally realized that our ways are superior to their ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °). I have no doubt that they don't do this for software freedom but for their profit. Though if the result is software freedom in the end, I have nothing against that.

Will I buy an nvidia graphics card if they release the full driver?

Probably not. I'm not rich.

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