I am surrounded by normies!

Don't ask me whether I have instagram or not. Don't ask me whether I have tiktok or not. Don't ask me whether I will download them on my phone! My answer is: I don't have a phone that can even run those. Don't ask me what I think of some controversy surrounding some celebrity I have never heard about. Don't ask me what I think of Johny Depp vs that girl who's dog steppred on a bee. Don't even ask me what I think of this latest AAA game for which you need a 3090 ti SUPER MAX ULTRA 69 GIGABYTE OF VRAM for $69420. just to play that one game. Don't ask me about PewDiePie. Don't ask me about Dream and him cheating in a minecraft speedrun, because you know I am gonna say that it doesn't matter a single bit to anyone but kids and overgrown 30 year old children who have nothing better to do then consoom 20 hours of YouTube per day. Don't stick 50 photos of your one year old child which looks exactly the same on every single one of the photos to my face. (why the hell does every 21st century mother seem to do that... especially on facebook... why would you even do that.. isn't that just doing harm to your child? I truly don't understand normies)..

I don't care. I never will care, and reasonable people don't care also. Please, ask me only the important questions. Thank you.

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