My absence, webside re-do, on modern laptops and productivity

On why I didnt make edits to this site

The past half year or so I've posted almost nothing on this site, or edit this site in any way with this post in a way I want to announce a new chapter in this site's existance.

The reason behind my absence was in a way sloth, me becomming less interested in maintaining a website but also in some way the fact that I was searching for the truth of Christianity, I was reading the bible, apologetics, early Christian philosophy etc, I have become fully convinced of God and the fact that Jesus is the Christ and God, I'm looking into getting baptized in the comming years of my life, but that is perhaps for another post. I also want to talk about something more speciffic about "modern, ppowerful" laptops that really fuels my sloth and probably a lot of other people can relate to

Modern laptops lead one to sloth!

I used to use a X200 ThinkPad for about a year, more or less as a daily driver that was probably the best laptop that I ever used but for certain tasks I wanted to have a laptop with better CPU and GPU, so I switched to a clevo laptop with a 6th gen i5 processor, the laptop itself is sort of okay, but it really made me lazy. Instead of focusing on maintaining a website, or creating new things, it tempted me to play video games all the time, watch youtube and other things, and it just really made things worse for me all in all.

So there came a moment where I bought a T400 ThinkPad for a few bucks, it had a broken screen so I replaced that with one I got for free, also bought a new battery for it. I took it apart completely, librebooted it, installed gentoo and started using it as my mobile workstation.

The funny thing is that modern laptops tempt you to sin, but thinkpads somehow tempt you to do productive things, shortly after I started using it I got a temptation to simply start my site all over again, and write this article. I don't know if it was the holy spirit or there is just something about these laptops, but I again started doing productive things after like half a year of doing dogs*it. I think this is because these old thinkpads are not only really high-quallity, great to type on, but because they're so old they cannot run almost any video games, at least not the one I'd play, so there is a direct barrier.

So yeah, get an old thinkpad, it literally will change your life.

I also restructured this website quite a lot, removed old articles because they were just early and inconsistent, I'll make new ones ofc but thats for another time.

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