Introducing the heresy-flasher script

published on March 21st 2023

A few weeks ago I've written a simple shell script called winflash-rst. What it did was it basically just used woeusb (another shell script) to flash windows 10 and 11 ISOs (I think now you understand why heresy-flasher) onto external media without pain. However I have decided to expand this script. Now it does a lot more and I think its useful enough to share with other people.

Source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can be found on my git instance.

So basically as you can see on the menu, you can select whichever version of Microsfot Windows you want to flash and it will download and flash the ISO, this includes the painful to obtain ARM versions of windows 10 and windows 11 (those are officially only available via microsoft insider). These ISOs are actually hosted on my website, on the subdomain

"How can I know these isos are not full of malware?"

You can't. Microsoft doesn't include md5 checksums anymore for newer windows, so it is impossible to tell. But if you're that paranoid, you can just exchange the links in the script for the ones you trust. It should be theoretically possible also to just place already downloaded ISOs into the directory where they should be.

In addition to just simply flashing windows, this script also adds intel RST drivers onto the external media. If you're wondering what that is, it's basically a set of drivers without which you won't be able to install windows on some modern intel CPUs.

Other features

This script also:

Would I recommend anyone using this?

No. Install GNU/Linux instead. But if you really have to use windows then this should do the job fine.

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