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I post here stuff about Free Software, as well as some of my personal thoughts.



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📌 2023: total restart

During the past few months I have not been active on this website at all. This is mainly because of work, and also because I was searching for a good place to host my website and services. The fact that I was changing my domain name which is a very painful process didn't help at all, as I'm sure you can imagine. Beginning 2023 I'd like to revive this site, post more stuff and maybe do a bit of a redesign. I'm happy to say that I already got a stable hosting kindly provided to me by my friend Waffelo, so I don't have to worry about things anymore. I also have way more free time now then I had before christmas.

You are also welcome to visit the official bidzan.net chatroom, you can join whether you're registered on my instance or not.

📌 Matrix is extremely annoying and half-disfunctional technology.

This fact has made me switch to xmpp. For now, my JID is jakub@404.city until I self-host. I was blind the entire time, but XMPP is truly superior to matrix in almost every way.


Services I host and/or use

This is a list of all services I use. Most are self-hosted and run on my server (though some on my friend waffelo's domain). All of them are also 100% Free Software.

🌍Main Site bidzan.net That's what you see right now!
💬XMPP jakub@404.city My #1 choice when it comes to secure messaging
⚡Matrix @jakub:bidzan.net My #2 choice when it comes to secure messaging
📬E-mail jakub@bidzan.net See also my GPG pubkey for encrypted messaging.
🐦Cinny chat.bidzan.net A cozy web-based matrix client
📧Rainloop mail.bidzan.net Web-based e-mail client.
🫖Forgejo (git) git.waffelo.net Lightweight git frontend that doesn't suck
📹PeerTube video.waffelo.net A Free Software, Federated video-sharing platform.
🔍Searx searx.waffelo.net High-quallity Meta-search engine.
⛏️Minetest mt.waffelo.net Minetest server that everyone is welcome to join!

Public keys for verification

GPG public key
pub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [SC]
      F67B F5CC A413 1304 EB84 58BD 366B DA26 4366 E815
uid           [ultimate] Jakub Bidžan 
sub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [E]

OMEMO XMPP device keys
Gajim (desktop):
0B50298B 653BFC98 AB7B7382 5A3AA079
4A6ACC80 ADD478BF 2DE6F8AD 942A324D

Cheogram (mobile)
159B0888 56C3424E C63EE8E0 62637ABF
7836FD4F 76723943 4F37CD6C 7239C57E

Computers I use

ThinkPad X200

This ThinkPad is my daily driver and my #1 favorite computer. It runs 100% Free Software including the BIOS, it has phenomenal keyboard, has only trackpoint which I prefer, has tons of expansion and tons of ports. I also have a dock. I can hook it up to my 2 monitors, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. It's just perfect.
[SYS]: Arch GNU+Linux
[CPU]: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600
[SSD]: 512 GB SSD
[SCR]: TN panel 1280 x 800
[KEY]: Classic keyboard


This server is running on a custom computer that I've recieved for free and then gave a friend of mine. It has:
[SYS]: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
[CPU]: AMD Phenom II X4 925
[SSD]: 128 GB SSD
[Power consumption]: 40-60W

Special credits

Jakub Heger alias Waffelo (waffelo.net) - for hosting my website and being the most amazing woof
Finnegan Oravec (finnswonderland.eu) - author of the website avatar
Richard Stallman (stallman.org) - For redpilling me on software freedom
Copyright © 2022-2023 Jakub Bidžan
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html.
Source code: https://git.waffelo.net/jacob/main-site