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I post here stuff about Free Software, as well as some of my personal thoughts.



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Will be buying new server hardware

Next weekend from this date, the server hardware. that me and waffelo host drgnz.club and other services will be changed. The main improvements will be upgrading fromthe 2009 amd phenom to a new ryzen processor, and also upgrading from 8GB of DDR2 ram to 32 gigs of DDR4 3600MHz RAM. A new motherboard and power suply will also be bought.


About me

I am a 18 years old Free Software enthusiast, GNU+Linux enthusiast, and GNU+Linux systems administrator from the Czech Republic. The things I do I do for free and take no money for. In free time I also enjoy going to woods and geocaching. In fact, I'm writing this in a comfy place from woods right now! I am usually very busy with work, messing with computers or other things - I rarely ever consoom any kind of media, I sometimes watch YouTube through Invidious. With Waffelo we are building our own internet world which we have control over, and not some corporation, and we try to make this easy to do for other people as well.

Services I host and/or use

This is a list of all services I use. Most are self-hosted and run on my server (though some on my friend waffelo's domain). All of them are also 100% Free Software.

🌍Main Site bidzan.net That's what you see right now!
⚡Matrix @jakub:drgnz.club My #2 choice when it comes to secure messaging
📬E-mail jakub@bidzan.net See also my GPG pubkey for encrypted messaging.
🦊Fediverse @jakub@social.drgnz.club A federated twitter-like social media service.
🐦Cinny chat.drgnz.club A cozy web-based matrix client
📧Rainloop mail.bidzan.net Web-based e-mail client.
🫖Forgejo (git) git.waffelo.net Lightweight git frontend that doesn't suck
📹PeerTube video.drgnz.club A Free Software, Federated video-sharing platform.
Invidious yt.drgnz.club Lightweight frontend for YouTube.
🔍Searx searx.waffelo.net High-quallity Meta-search engine.
🇱Libreddit lr.waffelo.net Lightweight and BS-less reddit client.
⛏️Minetest mt.waffelo.net Minetest server that everyone is welcome to join!

Public keys for verification

GPG public key
pub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [SC]
      F67B F5CC A413 1304 EB84 58BD 366B DA26 4366 E815
uid           [ultimate] Jakub Bidžan [jakub@bidzan.net]
sub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [E]

OMEMO XMPP device keys
Gajim (desktop):
0B50298B 653BFC98 AB7B7382 5A3AA079
4A6ACC80 ADD478BF 2DE6F8AD 942A324D

Cheogram (mobile)
159B0888 56C3424E C63EE8E0 62637ABF
7836FD4F 76723943 4F37CD6C 7239C57E

Computers I use

ThinkPad X200

This ThinkPad is my daily driver and my #1 favorite computer. It runs 100% Free Software including the BIOS, it has phenomenal keyboard, has only trackpoint which I prefer, has tons of expansion and tons of ports. I also have a dock. I can hook it up to my 2 monitors, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. It's just perfect.
image unavailable[SYS]: Arch GNU+Linux
[CPU]: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600
[SSD]: 512 GB SSD
[SCR]: TN panel 1280 x 800
[KEY]: Classic keyboard


This server is running on a custom computer that I've recieved for free and then gave a friend of mine. It has:
image unavailable[SYS]: Gentoo Linux stable with SystemD
[CPU]: AMD Phenom II X4 925
[Power consumption]: 40-60W

Special credits

Jakub Heger alias Waffelo (waffelo.net) - for hosting my website and being the most amazing woof
Finnegan Oravec (finnswonderland.eu) - author of the website avatar
Richard Stallman (stallman.org) - For redpilling me on software freedom
Copyright © 2022-2023 Jakub Bidžan
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html.
Source code: https://git.waffelo.net/jacob/main-site